This tutorial will show you a step by step method on how to use two powerful JavaScript frameworks and MySQL database to build a hybrid app that works and looks just like twitter.

If you are looking to see or build a real world application with Framework7 and AdonisJs, follow through to the end because this tutorial is made just for you. What we will do in this tutorial is outlined as follows:

  • Install Framework7 and AdonisJS on our Local machine. NOTE that you must have NodeJS and NPM already installed to be able to use Framework7 or AdonisJs. …

“Man is constantly searching for a better way”. A better way to learn, live and earn. Evolution and change happen at every level and to everything including how we work.

This post is aimed at providing real-life practical steps to increase earnings as a freelancer by exposing opportunities.

Me being a programmer, I’ll make more examples with how and what to do with your programming skills to jumpstart as a newbie or boost your earnings as an expert.

For people newly starting in the Tech industry, they often tend to apply for entry-level positions which of course is the logical…

Insecurity is conceived as a situation in which the state’s human and national safety are compromised by elements or interests worsened by poor economic and human resource development conditions of the state.

Nigeria has recently been mired with insecurity that has resulted in thousands of deaths. This may be linked to growing this may be linked to the growing inter-ethnic conflicts, religious intolerance, political rivalry and an increasing population of disgruntled citizens in the country. Citizens who feel they have been short-changed and have very limited or no access to our common heritage. …

FlameHyre Token is a Self-Diminshing digital currency built on ethereum Blockchain with a 1% incode burn rate. FHT will be used on the FlameHyre Freelancing Platform as rewards on programming/creative services.

FLAMEHYRE is a community driven project, it is of the view to make the Freelancing services more convenient and clients friendly.


The troupe behind FLAMEHYRE came up with the vision to build a platform where freelancers and clients can easily meet, discuss and execute swift/secure deals within the platform at a more convenient rate.


Deflationary Token with Freelancing Platform Combined

This is the explosive matter…

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me to email him on how to publish his app built with framework7 and cordova to Apple App store. I imagined you might need help just like my friend hence, the reason for this guide. This will be broken in three steps depending on where you’re starting from.

  1. Setting up your Machine (MAC and Linux)
  2. Converting from Source code to Xcode project
  3. Deploying to App Store

Setting up your machine

Requirements: OS X operating system on Intel-based Macs. Xcode® 10.0 (the minimum required version) runs only on OS X version 10.13 (Sierra High) or greater, and includes the…

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